Winner of numerous environmental awards for its innovative, green and efficient design including the DuPont Innovation of the year award Breezair has also been recognised as a Product of Year Finalist at this years UK Building Services Awards.

Extremely low carbon emissions
Maximises Free Cooling
Some 80% lower running cost than a comparable air conditioning system.
Doors and windows can be left open with absolutely no loss in cooling efficiency
the air is 100% fresh with no risk of recirculation fumes, germs or odors

Applications Breezair is proven and is successfully installed worldwide within;

Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Schools, Retail Units, Shopping Centres, Exhibition Halls, Showrooms, Clubs, Restaurants, Kitchens, Homes

Indirect Evaporative Cooling

The state-of-the-art product is the most advanced, energy cooling technology ever produced, delivering outstanding cooling performance with previously unheard of energy savings.
Because of its capabilities, Climate Wizard is much more than just an improvement in existing technologies it is a completely new cooling category. An altogether revolutionary form of indirectevaporative cooling, it can achieve comfort conditions equivalent to, and at times better than, conventional air conditioning, but incredibly with only the electricity consumption of an evaporative cooler.

Climate Wizard still costs a fraction of conventional air conditioning systems to buy and install – payback on new commercial installation can be less than a year. Totally environmental, reductions in emissions can equate to six tonnes of CO2 per year for each new Climate Wizard installed in place of a ducted refrigerated system an equivalent to one less car on the road.

As a stand-alone cooler, it consumes less than a third of the electricity required by a comparable refrigerated system. In independent testing under taken by the University of South Australia, Climate Wizard provided pre-cooled make up air to large commercial refrigeration plants, resulting in energy savings of 35%.

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